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MicroMove is a Chrome extension that includes guided 1-minute exercises designed to boost your energy, improve your posture, and reduce stress while working at your desk.

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The breathing exercises have really helped me with my sore back muscles. Looks like I wasn't getting enough oxygen during the day.

Giovanni Galvez
VP Strategy, SyncWords

I recently used this Chrome extension on a long flight and did the toe exercise — it was definitely helpful in reducing tension.

Cole Nakatani
Co-founder, Hydra Labs
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Original MicroMove exercises

A growing library of short, science-based exercises that help you beat fatigue and feel refreshed while browsing. We have 3 categories of micro exercises.


Breath Exercises

Breathing techniques designed to help you reduce stress and anxiety, get energised and improve sleep.


Body Exercises

Movement exercises for shoulders, neck, back and arms to increase blood circulation and reduce fatigue.


Mind Exercises

Voice-guided meditations and soundscapes that help you stay grounded and increase your focus.

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An overview of MicroMove's exercises

How it works

It’s simple. Here is how to get started.

Add MicroMove to Chrome

Start by adding the MicroMove wellness extension to your Chrome browser. It's completely free to try!


Get exercise reminders

Receive timely notifications directly on your browser and get access to guided, 1-minute exercises that make you feel reenergised.


Complete daily goals

Build lasting healthy habits by completing your daily exercises. Customise your goals with Premium.

Boosted Energy Improved Posture Better Sleep Healthier Habits
Relieved Stress Increased Focus More Energy Less Anxiety
Better Mood Reduced Fatigue Increased Blood Circulation

Four reasons to add MicroMove right now

Research shows that small breaks are essential for those with a sedentary lifestyle to make you feel better and do more quality work. There is also an increasing amount of peer-reviewed studies on exercises that have been proven to significantly boost your overall well-being.

With the MicroMove Chrome extension, you will access one-click-away micro exercises that will help you beat fatigue and make you feel refreshed while working at your desk.
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Improve Posture

Our body exercises strengthen specific parts of your whole body, helping correct your posture and getting your head and spine in a more optimal position.

Boost Energy

Our breath and body exercises help increase oxygen levels and blood circulation, making you feel energised throughout the day.

Reduce Stress

Our breath and mind-focused exercises help you feel less on edge by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure and helping you practice being present.

Increase Focus

Our breath and mind exercises help increase awareness, regulate the autonomic nervous system, and reduce stress hormone levels, making you more focused.

Frequently asked questions

What is MicroMove?
MicroMove is a Chrome extension that includes guided 1-minute exercises designed to relieve fatigue and stress while browsing.
How does MicroMove work?
1. Add MicroMove to Chrome for free
2. Get reminders directly on your browser and access guided, science-based 1-minute exercises
3. Complete exercises to meet your daily goals
What's the science behind the MicroMove exercises?
You can read more about all the exercises included in our service, and their benefits, here. In the bottom of the article you will find the scientific resources we have used when curating and designing our micro exercises.
Is MicroMove free?
Yes, we have a free tier that includes one Breath exercise per day.
What is included in MicroMove Premium and how is it different than the Free tier?
In addition to everything in Free, you get access to an unlimited number of daily Breath, Body and Mind exercises, and you are able to personalise your daily goals. You can cancel anytime.

MicroMove is a Chrome extension that includes guided 1-minute exercises that relieves fatigue and stress while working at your desk.


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